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THIN DATA - The Health Improvement Network

Harvey Walsh (an OPEN Health company) is pleased to announce a new service to support the pharmaceutical industry.

"We now have the THIN database to perform analyses on, enabling us to provide our clients with Real World insights and healthcare intelligence in the primary care setting."

What is THIN Data?

THIN is a large, nationally representative primary care database that covers approximately 5% of the UK population. The total number of patients in THIN is 12.5m, of which 3.6m are currently active. Data comes direct from 404 GP practices spread across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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With the prescribing data linked to the actual patient record, powerful analysis can be performed that just is not possible from simple prescribing data alone; what’s more, the outputs can be used commercially.

How can THIN Data be used?

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Other key points about THIN Data:

  • The data is incrementally updated and longitudinal, thus allowing long term assessments and pathway analysis.
  • It has the flexibility to cope with almost all epidemiological study designs.
  • The large population size means that it has potential to cope with reasonably rare conditions.
  • There is the ability for THIN to be linked to other clinical and non-clinical datasets via NHS Digital.

With over 500 publications coming from the THIN dataset, it is clearly a powerful resource that can shine the light on key questions you may have about your brands in the real world.

Here are some examples of questions that THIN can answer:

  1. What % of patients are on different therapies?
  2. What is the order of prescribing in newly diagnosed patients?
  3. What is the average dose and quantity prescribed?
  4. What is the indication at therapy initiation?
  5. What are the market dynamics around product switching?
  6. What was the prescribing activity after a specific event - behavioural segmentation;
    • New drug price
    • Introduction of NICE or other guidance
    • Launch of a new drug


For further information on the THIN Database and how Harvey Walsh can assist you with your Health Informatics needs, please get in touch with Chris Hodgson, Commercial Director, Harvey Walsh, 714 601.